Mile One Eating House

The Rules of Our Table

We take comfort food seriously. We believe the food you eat ought to be as genuine as the people you share your table with. Our menu respects the ingredients, the producers and the land that make it up. A hard-earned hunger deserves good, clean food. Made with care. Dished straight-up, every time.

Mile One owners purchase historic cattle ranch in the Chilcotins

"The idea is to grow the production side and do something we're really passionate about" says Randy Jones on the purchase of the historic 259-hectare cattle ranch in the Hanceville-Alexis Creek are...

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What’s Happening?

RT @HERITAGEANGUS: A cowboy stays on the job until it gets done, no matter how dark it is outside. (2/16/2018 6:57:24 AM) (about 3 days ago)