Mile One is Sold!

A grassroots restaurant start-up is often a calculated expression of a proprietor’s vision and passion. When that vision resonates with others, both employees and guests, a magical thing can happen! That shared experience fuels a journey of both growth and discovery. The heartbeat of M1 has always been about growth, instincts, and realizing a dream.

Many months ago, we engaged in a process to seek out the next proprietor of Mile One Eating House. We knew we would have to consider how to balance the seriousness of business dealings with the higher ideals of artisanal growth. Now, almost seven years to the day that M1 first opened its doors, we can officially put all the rumours to rest…. and we’ve heard some pretty wild ones! 

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Sticking to our values of growth and achievement, we are truly excited to be able to announce that our next proprietor is in place. Our Chef de Cuisine, Erin Paige Kerr, has made her passion for Pemberton and great food her driving force, convincing us that her bid for ownership was, and is, the correct path for this eating house! Erin has been with us since Day One in March of 2011, and having a locally raised, young and talented entrepreneur, take charge of the next leg of this journey, just feels like the right thing to do.

Mentoring Erin over these past years and through those to come, as she redefines the M1 boundaries, gives me confidence in the continued growth and success of that dream. We all look forward to climbing high in that saddle, breaking new ground, and heading down a few trails less taken.

Randy Jones

Posted Thursday, March 08, 2018