Media Inquiries

  We welcome visiting media to come by and Get Well Fed. Knife-Fork Logo
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  In the meantime, here is a bit more info about us.
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Our food is served straight up every time.

We mean what we serve. And we serve up what we say. Here’s a translation of Mile One-speak.

“Comfort food”: Comfort food gets a bad rap. But in the right hands, with the right ingredients, stodgy does not enter the equation. The people who live in Pemberton - the farming community, the tradespeople, the young families,  the hospitality commuters to Whistler, are genuine and hard working.  So is our food. The menu offerings are things that everyone can relate to. Not fancy or pretentious, just good ingredients, cooked fresh for a good feed. The open kitchen leaves nothing to hide, just straight-up fresh food, where what you see is what you get.

"Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef": The cattle are grazing just a few kilometres away and are hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free. They live a good life outdoors together in the wide open pastures and their winter feed is home grown and free of additives. The cattle are not confined to a barn or feedlot, which generally means that the meat is leaner and tastier! Knowing all this, we've deliberately kept our burger patties without a trace of any fillers or seasonings... it's all natural beef and it can stand on its own without the smoke and mirrors.

“Fries.”: Don’t ask for fries here. West Coasters are an active and health conscious lot, with an ever growing focus on quality produce and whole foods. We've made a deliberate decision not to use any kind of deep frying processes in our kitchen. It’s only appropriate in the Seed Potato Capital of North America that we honour the spud.  Our Yukon Gold potato wedges are roasted to maintain that creamy, rich flavour.

“Family friendly”: means kids are welcome and entertained in the toy zone, the food is good quality and healthful, and parents leave, satisfied, well-fed for an honourable price. Our style is casual but committed.  You can be yourself here, you can relax, you can leave your boots on – we’ll focus on what matters.

“Eating House”: The Eating House is referenced in Haida / First Nations culture and exemplifies the importance of food, and nods to Pemberton’s pioneer roots. It also emphasizes Mile One’s commitment to dishing up good quality relatable food from carefully sourced ingredients. As Michael Pollen says, if your grandparents wouldn’t recognize it, it’s probably not food.

“Special dietary restrictions”: We’ve got them, so we get it. Just let us know.  One of the luxuries of having an open kitchen is that you can speak directly to the person who's going to cook your meal.  That means nothing will be lost in translation.