Located at the junction of Highway 99 and Portage Road, at the entrance to town, Mile One Eating House (est. March 2011), invites adventurers, families, foodies and visitors to experience Pemberton, BC’s thriving local food scene through their palates.

Pemberton is truly a gateway to adventure into wildspaces. Mile One represents our vision of being the beginning or end of one’s journey.  It is a reference to the mile markers you’d find exploring the many logging roads in the area. And it’s a nice nod to One Mile Lake which is the ultimate marker of Pemberton – the sign for visitors today, as it was a sign for trappers, gold-seekers and turn of the century pioneers that they had arrived somewhere they can take a load off and replenish their energies.

Proprietors, Randy Jones and Cindy Yu of Mile One Eating House bring the couple’s combined 30 years of experience in fine dining “down home” to Pemberton, to give comfort food its culinary due.

Dishing up top-quality ingredients sourced from British Columbia’s most committed producers and growers, prepared from scratch and served fresh, Mile One Eating House is changing peoples’ attitudes about what a modern burger joint can be. Fresh cooked trumps deep-fried, every time.

Mile One Eating House’s menu represents the happy hard-working marriage of fine dining, regionally inspired British Columbian cuisine, and accelerated slow food styling. Signatures of the house include the Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef collection (with every burger patty cooked to order from raw), a gourmet Mac’n’Cheese selection that makes culinary columnists swoon, a melt-in-your-mouth Cheese Steak, and a Seared Albacore Tuna Burger complimented by wasabi mayo.  Add an order of Poutine made with Pemberton Yukon Gold potato wedges, locally sourced cheese curds and a rich gravy.

Hailed, in their first year of operations, as the home Pemberton’s Best Burger, Mile One Eating House is THE place to Get Well Fed.